White Sail Hotel — Shenzhen, China

White Sail Hotel — Shenzhen, China

As capitalist ideals go, it’s difficult to beat a luxury hotel, much less one that is located within the compounds of a swanky yacht club. Which only goes to show just how hybridised China’s communist model has become.

Located in the southern province of Shenzhen, within easy nautical reach of Hong Kong, the Seven Star Bay Yacht Club is a symbol of China’s new(ish) wealth, its bijou harbour sprinkled with expensive floating trophies against a backdrop of low-slung tree-cloaked mountains.

Open to the public, The White Sail Hotel’s vast interiors have been conceived by local firm Ronger Design and Consultants. The lobby, in particular, is a grand triple-volumed stage set crowned by a peaked dome with striated light panels.

Both bedrooms and public spaces are dressed in handsome, textured fabrics, bamboo accessories and clean-lined furniture, while the artwork and decorative tchotchkes take their cue from nautical and sporting themes. 

All the rooms are orientated towards views of the marina. Oddly, for a hotel of this calibre, there is neither a spa nor in-house restaurant, so, for now, diversions are limited to lingering views of that incomparable backdrop of mountain, greenery, sky and water.

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