The Budapest Cafe 1
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Better known for its historic ruins and commercial hub, Chengdu is probably the last place anyone would expect to find a café called The Budapest, much less one so charmingly inspired by Wes Anderson. 

For the Melbourne-based studio Biasol though, the Hollywood auteur was the springboard for reimagining an airy double-volume space in a humdrum neighbourhood of low-rise, mixed use buildings. 

The first impression of a whimsical pink-hued interior, anchored by an Eero Aarnio bubble chair and mobile-like light fixtures, set the scene, as it were, for the geometric shapes so beloved by Anderson. Arches contain dark blue-green banquettes, ovaloid doors are accented by brass fixtures and hinges, while a small terrace of curvaceous granite steps double as a perch for people watching, and casual seating. Owner Homdy Zhong, meanwhile, works closely with the kitchen to create an equally quirky menu of pastries, hot chocolate and sodas.

The Budapest Cafe 2

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The Budapest Cafe 3

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The Budapest Cafe 4

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The Budapest Cafe 5

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The Budapest Cafe 6

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The Budapest Cafe 7

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No. 8
Annex 7
Erhuan East Road


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