The Budapest Café — Chengdu, China

The Budapest Café — Chengdu, China

Better known for its historic ruins and commercial hub, Chengdu is probably the last place anyone would expect to find a café called The Budapest, much less one so charmingly inspired by Wes Anderson. 

For the Melbourne-based studio Biasol though, the Hollywood auteur was the springboard for reimagining an airy double-volume space in a humdrum neighbourhood of low-rise, mixed use buildings. 

The first impression of a whimsical pink-hued interior, anchored by an Eero Aarnio bubble chair and mobile-like light fixtures, set the scene, as it were, for the geometric shapes so beloved by Anderson. Arches contain dark blue-green banquettes, ovaloid doors are accented by brass fixtures and hinges, while a small terrace of curvaceous granite steps double as a perch for people watching, and casual seating. Owner Homdy Zhong, meanwhile, works closely with the kitchen to create an equally quirky menu of pastries, hot chocolate and sodas.

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