Housed in an iconic villa designed by David Libeskind, Attimo is São Paulo’s most exciting new fine-dining destination - no surprise considering its impeccable provenance as the brainchild of Marcelo Fernandes (of the legendary Kinoshita restaurant) and celebrated chef Jefferson Rueda. Rueda’s menu is inspired by home-cooked Italian fare - he calls it ’Italo-Caipira’, or country Italian - passed down by immigrants working the land around São Paulo. The concept might sound casual but the experience is not. The building’s signature ’cobogó’, or patterned partition, is a focal point. It was restored by local architect Naoki Otake, who used marble and Brazilian hardwood to craft a clean, sophisticated two-level space around it, not to mention an impressive glass-enclosed wine room, demo kitchen and private dining area. Landscaping by Gilberto Elkis helps to make the terrace an especially pleasant place to lose yourself for the better part of a day.