We’ve scoured chic cycling stores and be-spoke boutiques the world over to find the latest and greatest outerwear collections and a range of slick cycling accessories that mean there’s no excuse not to get on your bike.

Wrap up in the latest ergonomic outerwear, and stay safe with the help of smartphone-compatible, collapsible helmets and other tech-forward protective wear. Stay on course with the latest in smart cycle design, with the likes of handlebar-mounted navigator tools and sound-switchable bike bells, and tidy up with the help of bike butlers and good-looking locks.

Bici Bike Storage by Zeller & Moye

This simple slice of metal is perhaps the most minimal bike storage system we’ve ever seen. Designed by architects Christoph Zeller and Ingrid Moye, the Bici system is available in just two versions, Bici high and Bici low, depending on the space available. One shallow, one steep, the ramps can be mixed and multiplied in order to create intriguingly sculptural effects that also maximise the number of bikes you can fit into any given space. Zeller & Moye are offering the rail in a range of different colours, allowing even more artistic expression. Bici is composed of a power-coated steel frame, complete with shaped cut-out for all possible wheel types to slot into, with two pairs locking points giving you plenty of choice how to secure the bike. The architects, who are based between Berlin and Mexico City, sought to make the system ultra-simple to use and install, leaving creative applications up to the installer.


Block Light, by Bookman

Equipped with the latest LEDs, a micro USB cable and an impressive battery life, Scandinavian brand Bookman’s sleek Block Light promotes design-focused cycling safety and urban visibility. Powered by a Lithium ION battery the Block Light has up to 25 hours of usage with a charging time of two hours, weighing next to nothing these pocket-sized lights are perfect for everyone – from the casual commuter to dedicated road cyclist.

‘Pickwick Reflective’ backpack, by Brooks England

’Pickwick Reflective’ backpack, by Brooks England
Brooks England has found the perfect meeting point between functionality and looks with its newest backpack, the ‘Pickwick Reflective’. Made by hand, the bag is composed of perforated vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather, set atop a highly reflective backing. When struck by light, the bag powerfully reflects it back, providing increased visibility during the darker hours. A roll-top sealing system keeps belongings secure (additional internal pockets provide further storage capabilities), and webbed shoulder and front straps keep weight distributed evenly.

‘Laminar Bike’ collection, by Herno

‘Laminar Bike’ collection, by Herno
Pictured, Jacket, €830, by Herno. Trousers, £279, by Aeance. Fixes-gear Wudu bike, £3,825, by Materia Bikes, from The Conran Shop. Photography: Gareth Powell. Fashion: Lune Kuipers

The new six-piece ‘Laminar Bike’ collection, by Herno, demonstrates the Italian luxury outerwear brand’s rigorous attention to ergonomic design. The collection includes a raincoat, parka and vest, which are all made using Gore fabrics, and are water- and wind-resistant, and breathable. Garments come with thermo-taping, foldable gloves, adjustable hoods, smart pockets, and road-friendly reflective details.

‘Lochness’​​ lock, by Francesco Toselli, for Palomar

‘Lochness’​​ lock, €59, by Francesco Poselli, for Palomar

Chunky chains are a thing of the past thanks to this pliable bike lock in metal and silicone, which wraps effortlessly around any bike rack or post.

‘Neos’​​ bike butler, by Vadolibero

‘Neos’​​ bike butler, £1,410, by Vadolibero
Photography: Gareth Powell

With an elliptical form and high-gloss finish, this freestanding ‘cyclist’s assistant’ combines a bike rack with compartments for a helmet, cycling apparel and accessories.

Helmet, by Closca

Helmet, $147, by Closca

This collapsible helmet comes with an interchangeable visor and cleverly concealed air vents. An NFC chip at the top can connect to a smartphone for emergency calls.

‘Nello’ bike bell, by Odo Fioravanti, for Palomar

‘Nello’ bike bell, €24, by Odo Fioravanti, for Palomar

A rubber bell that offers a choice of three sounds, this has a magnetic base and separate rubber supports, so it can be easily detached when not in use.

‘Beeline’, designed by Map Project Office with Beeline

This handlebar-mounted device, which connects to a smartphone, displays the direction and distance to the user’s destination, without prescribing a specific route. §