BMW Motorrad launches CE 04 electric scooter

BMW Motorrad navigates the future city with the anticipated CE 04 electric scooter

BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter, photographed at BMW Welt in Munich
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BMW Motorrad has announced its newest and most innovative creation to date. The CE 04 is a productionised version of the bold Motorrad Definition CE 04 concept unveiled in November 2020.

Intended to be a revolutionary shift away the company’s current C Evolution electric scooter, on sale since 2014, the Definition CE 04 added a neo-industrial veneer to an already high-tech power plant. Surprisingly little has changed in the shift to a production model, and having the battery positioned low in the frame adds stability, giving the scooter different geometry in comparison to a ‘conventional’ petrol-powered model.

The new BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter's display screen

BMW Motorrad's new CE 04 Electric Scooter can be paired with your smartphone via the 10.5" display   

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The striking solid wheels and elongated bodywork allows for internal storage for a helmet, as well as a phone charging compartment with socket. Other visual enhancements include solid wheels, an integrated stand, ‘sliding seat’ and a selection of bold graphic options. The CE 04 offers near silent running, smartphone pairing to the 10.5” display screen and optional adaptive headlights. The welcome zip of its new electric drivetrain makes the CE 04 a natural city machine, enabling the scooter to reach 50km/h in just 2.6 seconds.

You can even park the CE 04 up indoors in the absence of dripping oil or a choking exhaust. Being a BMW, there’s driving pleasure built in, courtesy of Eco, Rain and Road riding modes, which strike a balance between maximising range, safety, and entertainment. 

The new BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter

Designed for the urban environment, the new BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter

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A 120 km/h top speed (approximately 75 mph) means the CE 04 won’t be left wanting on main roads, and the 130km (80 mile) range should cover most weekly commutes, with an optional quick charger that can take the battery from 20 per cent charge to around 80 per cent in just 45 minutes. The CE 04 shares its cutting-edge battery cells with the new flagship BMW iX and is a welcome addition to the company’s burgeoning collection of pure EVs. The CE 04 is the first in a new wave of urban models from BMW Motorrad, all of which, according to BMW AG’s CEO Oliver Zipse, will be pure electric from now on, saving combustion engines for touring bikes. Urban transport is about to get a lot smoother and quieter.

BMW Electromobility line-up (from left): BMW i4 M50, BMW iX, MINI Electric

The BMW Motorrad CE 04 joins BMW's Electromobility line-up (from left): BMW i4 M50, iX, and MINI Electric

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BMW Motorrad CE 04 electric scooter. Available from early 2022, £11,700

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