Few things articulate the idea of ‘wellness’ better than a yoga-inspired beauty line. Yuni is an all-natural skincare brand created by yogis Suzanne Dawson and Emmanuel Rey (also a former executive at the Estee Lauder Group) that relies on natural ingredients and a holistic approach for its exercise-oriented products. Yuni is comprised of four core components: body care, skin care, hair care and aroma.

Inspired to complement a daily active lifestyle, Yuni’s inaugural offering of 13 products seeks to restore the body post-workout, whether hygiene-related or otherwise. Roller-ball bottles of muscle recovery gel help to combat inflammation and soreness with green tea extract and arnica, while instant shower sheets steeped in neem and peppermint leaf extract offer users a chance to refresh immediately after a gym or studio session.

Armed with non-toxic, plant-based formulations and an Ayurvedic philosophy, the label also offers aroma mists and essential oil blends that can impart a sense of calm both during and after exercise – as well as cleansers, a multi-purpose body balm, rejuvenating hand creams and body moisturisers to continue providing nourishment and care when back home. Rich concentrations ensure that each biodegradable package truly goes the distance.