Vincent Darré reimagines the Cointreau bottle

Cointreau celebrates 170 years of the Art of The Mix with a limited edition bottle designed by Vincent Darré

Limited edition bottle designed by Vincent Darré
(Image credit: Cointreau)

Known for his ability to mix different eras and styles, Vincent Darré joins forces with Cointreau to reimagine its bottle design, illustrating it with three original scenes. With fluid strokes, Darré figuratively profiles the faces of Édouard and Louisa Cointreau, who have worked in partnership to make Cointreau a contemporary and avant-garde Maison. It's the first time in Maison Cointreau’s history to have ‘three distinct labels akin to three original paintings'.

The orange and blue colours celebrate the heritage of Maison Cointreau. ‘I like to draw inspiration from the past and make something new from it. I looked at Cointreau’s history and this liqueur with its extraordinary flavours immediately reminds me of a bottle of perfume.' Darré not only honours the bottle's original form, echoing the innovative spirit of its creator, but it represents the Angevin heritage and its unique savoir-faire.

Collaborating with photography duo Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, they draw inspiration from Darré’s work, resulting in a visual feast — moving image and photographic works that booms in colour and playfulness. They present Darré’s diverse showroom with ingenuity, where the designer prepares his cocktail mixes in a miniature set. The collector’s bottle is available to buy worldwide.

Cointreau bottle sits on a wooden table with a orange backdrop.

(Image credit: Cointreau)