Tivoli Audio releases first wireless earbuds, fine-tuned for sports

Tivoli Audio Fonica, wireless earbuds
Tivoli Audio Fonica, wireless earbuds
(Image credit: Tivoli Audio)

Since their inception in the mid-2000s, underwater earphones have predictably been a hot topic among swimmers. The compromise between functionality and quality sits at the crux of the conversation, both wired and wireless options encumbered with their own restrictive inconveniences. The sonic wizards at Tivoli Audio have now added their take to the debate with Fonico, a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds promising to answer the numerable qualms of the audio-savvy swimmer.

Continuing to uphold the Tivoli Audio mantra of ‘acoustics before aesthetics’, Fonico earbuds promise 3.5 hours worth of playback in a package both resistant to water and sweat, all-the-while providing true wireless stereo with a full dynamic range.


Under the hood, two 6mm drivers offer ample volume of 120 db at 1 kHz, further encompassing the entire human range of hearing, even under water. Tivoli Audio doesn’t eschew usability here, either: multifunction controls on the earbuds offer the ever-favoured array of skip, pause and rewind functions, and an in-built mic allows for vocal communication with your chosen device.

The American audio brand takes further steps to provide an easy experience, including a convenient carry case with three rechargeable charges and multiple adapters for a comfortable fit.


For more information, visit the Tivoli Audio website