Rooting for it: Blue Hill’s vegetable yogurt makes it easy to hit your five a day

Rooting for it: Blue Hill’s vegetable yogurt makes it easy to hit your five a day

We usually keep our eyes peeled for the next good thing, but on occasion, things do slip through the cracks. Blue Hill’s line of vegetable yogurts is one such example. An extension of the revered restaurant’s wholesome, farm-driven approach to food that draws crowds to its patch of the Hudson Valley, Blue Hill Yogurt are just as creative in that they are flavoured with vegetables in lieu of the usual fruit.

Available in beet, parsnip, sweet potato, carrot and tomato flavours, Blue Hill Yogurt can be enjoyed on its own, or as an addition to salads, smoothies, cakes and more. Tart and tangy, the yogurts are naturally coloured from their vegetable ingredients (about 30% of each pot is vegetable puree), and also contain herbs, spices and fruit in some cases for a more robust finish. A touch of sweetness comes from the addition of maple syrup.

Made with milk from cows that are only fed grass and vegetables both harvested on small farms across the northeastern USA, Blue Hill Yogurt takes on the nuances of any other natural ingredient. Due to the impact of changing seasons on the grass that the cows eat, the yogurts taste slightly different at various times of year.

This natural authenticity is mirrored in the line’s minimal packaging too – labels can be easily removed to reveal Blue Hill recipes and to support recycling. We can also reveal that a range of drinkable yogurts is on the horizon for 2016.

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