Founded in Seattle, Washington in 2011, Herbivore Botanicals is a natural skincare company set up by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow. What began as a homespun soap-making project in the couple’s kitchen has since become a fully-fledged beauty business, complete with stylish packaging and neat pastel shades. Herbivore Botanicals’ offerings balance an all-natural philosophy with a strong focus on efficacy. Its products are created using food-grade organic ingredients that combine essential vitamins and minerals to restore and treat the skin. Ranging from bars of deep cleansing face soaps to nourishing beard tonics, face oils and body oils that hydrate and revitalise, each creation is refreshingly understated in form, yet indulgent to the touch.

Usher in the change of the seasons with the label’s latest additions: the Blue Tansy resurfacing mask, Brighten pineapple and gemstone mask and the Pink Clay moisture mask. There’s also the Coco Rose lip collection, a trio that includes a lip polish, lip conditioner and lip tint; polishing with a mix of organic sugar and virgin coconut oil, and hydrating with Bulgarian rose absolute, before a conditioning balm leaves a hint of colour behind.