Face time: Aesop Richmond introduces facial treatments

In the Richmond Aesop store there is one treatment room
In the Richmond Aesop store there is one treatment room in the attic space. It houses a luxurious bed and a basin complete with every Aesop product imaginable
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Australian natural skincare brand Aesop is serving up a new treat: facial treatments. 

Showcasing their cult favourite formulations in the best way possible (by mixing up them for you personally in their in-store laboratory) the new service arrived to London's Richmond. 

Starting with a pre-treatment skin consultation, one of six different directions follow, with most of the concoctions being whipped up in the large basins in each treatment room. The attic of the Richmond store houses a beautiful bathroom, a homely consultation living room, as well as the vast treatment room itself; it feels like a botanist's private laboratory. Ticking away too is an immense steamer that adds to the atmosphere of experimentation and precision. Hidden upstairs from the store in Richmond, the treatment centre occupies the top floor apartment. (There is also a kitchen where guest chefs come in for a supper club style dinners on the floor below.) 

The Aesop treatments each have a clear, almost clinical, purpose – aside from relaxation. Whether to detoxify, re-lactate or hydrate the skin before long-haul flights or travel to a hot climate, the facial treatments developed by Aesop are bespoke and leave no stone unturned. Treatments are followed by an intense head and shoulder massage. 

Available in Hamburg, Melbourne, Sydney and now London, the treatments have been in the mix for quite some time, but have finally made their mark in Richmond as a further dimension to their already coveted services.

A homely consultation living room

Facial treatments been been available in select Aesop stores, but this is the first time they have come to Richmond, London

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Hidden upstairs from the store in Richmond

The design of each store has been consistently high quality. The Richmond store is like a rustic three floor home, complete with supper room, treatment studio and shop

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Signature facials: Lactate Surge, £95; Ascorbic Action, £75, Skin Quench, £75; Double Edge, £75; Detox Overhaul, £75; Parsley Seed Intensive, £75

For more information, visit Aesop’s website


Aesop Richmond
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