Coming clean: Dirty Lemon makes detoxing a little easier

Coming clean: Dirty Lemon makes detoxing a little easier

Chances are you’ve heard the detoxifying benefits of ingesting lemon and water extolled on more than one occasion, but drinking the stuff has just become a whole lot easier with the launch of Dirty Lemon, a new line of detox beverages built upon this basic principle.

Made from cold-pressed lemon juice, dandelion extract, ginger root extract, activated charcoal and filtered water, Dirty Lemon’s raw formula helps to cleanse the body in one easy swoop. The brand has consulted naturopaths and nutritionists alike to ensure that their offering yields proper results. Never heated and made from non-GMO lemons, its purist approach is temptingly packaged in eye-catching bottles that put most other health products to shame.

Adding to its original ’Raw Detox’ tipple, which launched last August, Dirty Lemon is bringing out a skin and hair-focused formula infused with marine collagen this month. With the collagen shown to boost the elasticity of skin, this formula also boasts a proprietary blend of red clover (a source of phytoestrogen that improves hair and skin), anti-inflammatory cayenne and anti-aging horsetail, which is rich in silica.

The beauty tonic will be followed up with a probiotic version – ’Pro+’ – packed with over a billion active cultures to restore healthy bacteria in the gut while boosting immunity and digestive health; a sleep-oriented version that helps promote rest with a combination of Valerian Root, hops, lemon balm and magnesium extract; and an energy-boosting formula which relies on herbal extracts of ginseng, ashwangandha and rhodiola for natural stimulation.

Made in the United States and bottled in single doses, Dirty Lemon offers an unsweetened, ready to use approach that takes most of the pain out of detoxing. 

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