A new DJ booth in Badaboum nightclub in Paris has been designed by Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects, part of the club’s fifth birthday celebrations and Haiku agency-overseen rebrand.

The architecture practice – which was recognised in the National Award of Young Architects and Landscapers by the Ministry of Culture in 2016 – drew inspiration from the industrial origins of the space, and the music it plays. Both inspirations are ‘direct and bold’, the practice explains. ‘Our intervention relies on simplicity, efficiency and audacity’, which manifests in three IPE metal beams which are placed on the ground and delicately stacked to form the walls of the booth. The standardised structural elements slot together to create an architectural statement, which the firm sees as ‘brutal, familiar, and radical’.

New DJ booth design, in Badaboum nighclub, Paris

Rendered in a bright white, the booth reflects a new, 180 m long LED installation that hovers above it, crowning the DJ and dancers in light. Created by AC3 Studio, it channels the creative energy of a Cerith Wyn-Evans art piece, and offers the club a rave-era revival, reflecting the tech-infused music it specialises in.

Establishing a greater sense of intimacy between artist and audience, the booth has been relocated to the ground-level, creating a more democratic, dynamic space for people to dance, bringing them as close as possible to the music; eye-to-eye with the musician. §