Air style: south east London outfit Conical bring air plants to the mainstream

Flasks with plants, from £28, by Conical, from The Store
Flasks with plants, from £28, by Conical, from The Store.
(Image credit: Adrian Samson)

The otherworldy appeal of Tillandsia, or air plants as they are more commonly known, lies not only in their spellbinding silvery green tendrils but also in their remarkable self-sufficiency. Most of the 500 or so identified species flourish entirely without soil, instead absorbing all of their nutritional and water requirements from the air.

Recognising the growing popularity of air plants, a new generation of botanical enthusiasts, such as East London outfit Conical, have started terrarium businesses, and miniature air plant gardens in elegant glass vessels can now be found in design stores across London. As well as selling seven air plant species, Aram also stocks a line of geometric ‘plant cages,’ made from bent black, white or rust wire, that serve as the perfect minimalist trellis.

As originally featured in the January 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*214)


For more information, visit the Conical website and The The Store website