Sara de Campos

ÉCAL, Switzerland

The ‘Cask’ wine rack, created with furniture company E15, was inspired by de Campos’ family history of wine production in Portugal. The modular racks can be stacked to create an imposing oak structure.

Roald Sooijs

Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

Responding to a law that prohibits the distillation of alcohol without a professional permit, Sooijs created ‘Ginly’. This vapour botanical infuser enriches any spirit with the flavour of herbs, fruits or vegetables.

Bálint Eckhardt

Moholy-Nagy University, Hungary

For his first solo design project, Eckhardt gave a new form to the classic corkscrew. He wanted to create a piece to be displayed, not kept in a drawer, so his tool has a minimal wooden cylinder to conceal its function.

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