Swatch POP in 1986
(Image credit: Swatch)

Swatch first launched POP in 1986. Designed to be worn with a degree of customisation, whether popped onto  an optional strap, dangled from a necklace or clipped to a T-shirt, the POP Swatch was an irreverent quirk perfectly in tune with the times. And, according to Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch creative director, now is the right time to bring one of its best-loved inventions back. ‘POP Swatch has been popping in and out of our minds for quite some time,’ he admits of the decision to revive it. ‘Dressing and accessorising with freedom and personal creativity is a fundamental criteria for the new fashion generation.’ Hence, Giordanetti and his team were keen to stay faithful to the carefree vibe that characterised the pieces from the start. Pictured: the POP Swatch watch in its matching pop packaging

Writer: Hannah Silver

current POP crop

(Image credit: Swatch)

Here he talks us through his pick of the current POP crop... Pictured left: The clean dial and simple colour tones of the Swatch POPiness is broken up only by cylindrical hour-markers, or ‘confetti’. Suitably tongue-in-cheek, this is POP at its most understated. Right: Pop Art meets neon in the Swatch POPtastic, where ‘the idea is to have a straightforward, almost paradigmatic watch face in fluoro or full colour,’ explains Giordanetti

monochrome POP

(Image credit: Swatch)

The graphical simplicity of the monochrome POPmoving leaves an an impression. The minimalist design makes it Giordanetti's favourite piece: ‘I am in love with the fun yet totally clean ones, such as the bold black and white of the POPmoving. I also wear it as a pocket watch’

POPover laces simple functionality

(Image credit: Swatch)

Pictured left: By revealing the workings within, the POPover laces simple functionality with a bold neon glow. ‘The inspiration comes from the street, the energy of youth, the challenge to satisfy the transversal appeal of Swatch in a fun and simple way’. Right: Dedicated block colour defines the design of the POPpingpop. Subtle accent color detailing on the hour markers and crown are all the detail required

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