The Wallpaper* bedroom: sleep easy with these boudoir adornments

14 Feb 2019

Step inside our boudoir to enjoy traditional Parisian 19th-century-inspired seating paired with avant-garde Russian mirrors. Sweet dreams are made of this...

Name: Terrazzo side table
Designer/brand: Serax, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £265

Taken from the collection by Serax’s resident designer, Marie Michielssen, the terrazzo side table bears all the interior designer’s hallmarks — a perfect balance of style, material and colour. Crafted from a solid block of white terrazzo, this side table takes on a sculptural quality and can be placed in a variety of different environments with the same powerful effect

Name: ‘Elma’ light
Designer/brand: Trueing, available at The Future Perfect
Price: on request

From the fledgling Brooklyn design studio, Trueing, comes this delicate, yet structural balancing pendant light. Constructed from custom-made borosilicate tubes in transparent or sandblasted finishes, and hand-blown glass spheres, the piece whimsically explores the notions of asymmetry and transparency in an expressive and individualistic way. Not only is the mixing and matching of colours and finishes encouraged, the piece also exhibits exposed engineering and mechanisms (within the transparent tubing) so that its function becomes part of the overall aesthetic. Subtle, yet intriguing, Elma is one of three pieces that forms Trueing’s debut collection, which is now available at The Future Perfect. Photography: Lauren Coleman

Name: ‘Balancing’ tray
Designer/brand: Studiocharlie for Salvatori, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: $290

Designed by Studiocharlie, Salvatori’s new ‘Balancing’ collection brings together various desk accessories that are crafted from Calacatta Vagli marble, and matched with burnished brass and leather. The result is nine pieces which combine age-old craftsmanship with contemporary techniques for luxe finish that offers a throwback to the joy of letter writing.

Name: ’Flow Bowl’ table
Designer/brand: Nendo for Alias, available from WallpaperSTORE
Price: £610

The result of a collaborative effort between Nendo and Alias, the ’Flow Bowl’ collection is a series of tables and furniture accessories defined by table tops which appear to melt, forming bowl-like shapes as they slide towards the floor. An interplay of volumes, as well as the contrast between the perceived fluidity of the piece and its actual robustness — thanks to the use of steel and polyurethane — is what makes this large table noteworthy.

Name: ‘Gradient’ mirror
Designer/brand: Phillip Jividen
Price: $3,800
Clean simplicity defines Cleveland-based designer Phillip Jividen’s ‘Gradient’ mirror, which makes its 2018 return after its inaugural run in 2015. Jividen looked to the sky above as inspiration for the mirror’s design, and wanted to reflect the many colours of the atmosphere. Utilising the latest in glass manufacturing technology, the mirror’s colour changes depending on the viewing angle, and produces an illuminating effect when placed in a naturally lit environment. Writer: Luke Halls

Name: ’P4 Dudina’
Designer/brand: Marta Sala Éditions, available from WallpaperSTORE
Price: $3,309

Designed by Lazzarini & Pickering in 2017, the ’P4 Dudina’ chair is a smaller version of Marta Sala Édition’s ’Duda’ chair, produced by architects Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering with Marta Sala. Like its forbearer, the ’P4 Dudina’ is playful and intriguing, and the low, cubed chair merges clean lines with plush Pierre Frey mohair velvet for a wholly timeless and luxe piece

Name: ’Triumph’ bookends
Designer/brand: Aparentment, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: $185,00

Launched in 2013 and designed by Aparentment founder and industrial designer Josep Vila Capdevila, the ’Marblelous’ collection is a series of furniture and accessory designs carved from high quality marble. The ’Marblelous Triumph’ set comprises two pieces cut from polished marquina and shaped into rectangular prisms for a couple of sturdy bookends that will introduce warmth and depth to any bookshelf

Name: ’Statera’ shelf
Designer/brand: Gustavo Martini
Price: €7,200

An industrial addition to the bedroom, Brazilian designer Gustavo Martini’s shelving system is a design that is described as a ’game of contrasts’. These differences are noticed in its rigid structure and rough metal surface yet delicately balanced form. Once products are placed on the shelf, its personality can change too, becoming warmer and playing with the dynamic shapes its already has

Name: ’Drew’ swivel chair
Designer/brand: RH Modern
Price: from $1,871

Taking its cues from 1960s furniture, this swivel chair exudes the brand’s strong American-made aesthetic while keeping lightness in the sinuous structure. Expertly constructed from oak and a choice of leather or fabric for its upholstery, the model sits charmingly in the bedroom as an extra place for comfort

Name: ’Bandra’ Ottoman
Designer/brand: Dmitriy & Co
Price: $6,500.00

New York based Dmitriy & Co Spring/Summer 2018 collection mixes 19th century Parisian furniture with mid-century design in order to create ’a modern twist on classic forms.’ This vision reaches its peak in their Bandra Ottoman, where modern geometrical construction is softened and refined by classic details. The Ottoman, which is hand-sewn and stitched in Long Island City , is an ideal addition to a bedroom. Dmitriy & Co’s careful construction and attention to natural materials guarantees softness and luxury

Name: O Mirror
Designer/brand: Minimalux, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: $329

Exposed polished edges, circular form and a spherical brass base elevate Minimalux’s ‘O Mirror’ from functional tool to stylish home accessory. At first glance, the mirror appears to be a feat of balance, but observe the base which remains firm and rooted to flat surfaces whilst also able to rotate on its axis

Name: ’Rain’ bed
Designer/brand: Zanellato Bortotto for Novamobili
Price: on request

This is Zanellato Bortotto’s first bed design for Novamobili, continuing their soft, elegant aesthetic for the Italian brand. The clean wood canaletto structure has two bedside tables niftily integrated, all standing on slim tubular legs. The muted tones continue to the upholstered headboard for those after a minimalist yet contemporary finish

Name:Alexandra’ mirror and drawers
Designer/brand: Sebastian Mann, for Mannmade London
Price: £1,475

‘Alexandra’ is a multifaceted piece of furniture that tends to all bedroom needs. Combining storage space, mirror and a dressing table, the modular structure is a contemporary, spaces-saving solution. Created as part of Sebastian Mann’s first foray into furniture, the model nods to his architectural background and is formed from a modern mix of walnut and steel

Name: ‘Satellite’ hand mirror
Designer/brand: Christoffer Skjøtt, for Møbel & Rum, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £209

Pick it up, twirl it about and discover new things: Møbel & Rum’s playful ‘Satellite’ hand mirror presents a whole new way to observe yourself and your surroundings. Designed by Christoffer Skjøtt, the circular mirror sits atop a uniquely shaped handle carved from four evenly-sized pieces of oak, each one revealing its own qualities and patterns that will form a beautiful patina over time

Name:Reflection of a gesture’ mirror
Designer/brand: by Beza Projekt
Price: €320

Avant-garde design studio Beza Projekt created a series of artistic mirrors that question the assumption that a mirror should be unhindered, clear and perfectly reflective. The mirrored area is drawn directly onto a transparent glass surface in bold, reflective swirls while the sculptural, asymmetric wooden frames, furthers the idea of a mirror as art installation. The innovative piece shows the Warsaw-based firm encouraging functionality to take a back seat

Name:Olivia’ mirror
Designer/brand: Davide Monopoli, for Pulpo, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £247

Presenting an exciting combination of colour and texture, Pulpo’s ‘Olivia’ mirror is a game of contrasts. Designed by Davide Monopoli, the piece comprises an azure-tinted laminated glass mirror atop a heavy black stone base and sits at an angle, promising a reflection from any position