Sunnei launches its first Objects collection

Sunnei launches its first Objects collection

Italian label Sunnei launches a range of lifestyle pieces, ranging from pillows to puzzles

‘Our life itself is the main inspiration behind this new project,’ say Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, founders of eclectic Italian fashion label Sunnei, of the launch of its debut Lifestyle range, Sunnei Objects. ‘We realised that getting dressed was just one of the many interests and activities that constitute our daily routine: there was much more that could be explored and interpreted à la Sunnei’.

In many commercial contexts, product ranges are launched with specific categories in mind. But Sunnei Objects is refreshingly assorted. Messina and Rizzo explain that the collection is based on ‘the idea of working on a selection of disparate objects that reflect the brand’s vision and Made-In-Italy quality.’ This includes cheering striped bedsheets in deckchair shades, tactile checkerboard pillows, vibrant Murano glasses vases and tumblers, slipmats, puzzles, and a vinyl of the soundtrack to the brand’s S/S 2021 show.


Founded in 2014, Sunnei’s prismatic collections abound with prints and colour. For spring, the brand’s men’s and women’s collection was swathed in saturated hues, checks and stripes, ruches and ruffles. For Sunnei Objects, the label took the prints synonymous with its aesthetic and applied stripes to new forms like bedding and glassware. ‘The adaptability of stripes allows endless outcomes that over time we have been experimenting by playing with inclination, width and colors. When approaching this new project we instinctively included this pattern but it was the first time they were featured on materials we were not used to work with.’ 

‘For the first collection of this new project we gave priority to a series of items that we are familiar with, that we personally like and use in our daily lives,’ Messina and Rizzo add of the instinctive design impetus behind Sunnei Objects. ‘The idea the character of the brand could permeate more than fashion reflects the spirit the label was born with, which is why we look at this line as a natural extension we have always targeted. §

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