Utility and elegance meet in this summer’s best sunglasses

A fusion of flourish and function defines this season’s sunglasses offering, with sleek new frames made for both protection and dress-up

Models wearing Sunglasses
Left, Sunglasses, £550, by Akoni. Jacket, £1,059; shirt, £199, both by Sandro. Right, sunglasses, £390, by Lindberg. Fashion: Jason Hughes
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Utility and elegance meet in this season’s optical offerings, primed for open-road adventure and dress-up alike. Wide-angle frames, high-shine lenses and contemporary riffs on the classic aviator provide a tough shield of protection against the glare of the hot summer sun, while sleek profiles and subtle decorative flourishes ensure they remain compatible with more glamorous choices of apparel. Indeed, for the S/S 2022 season designers propositioned sunglasses as an accessory equally acceptable to be worn after dark (in this case, their shielding effects can instead be utilized for avoiding unwanted conversations).

S/S 2022’s best sunglasses, for adventure and dress-up

Model wears S/S 2022

Sunglasses, £390, by Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane. Top £650; jeans, £559; cowboy hat, £650, all by Celine by Hedi Slimane

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A plethora of designers captured this fusion of defense and dazzle – from sleek, white-rimmed frames by both Fendi and Akoni (a cat’s eye shape and gently curved wraparound respectively) to squared-off styles from Cutler and Gross and Serengeti, which conjure a feeling of nostalgic, understated glamour.

Elsewhere, labels Lindberg, Celine, Gucci and Louis Vuitton each provided their own distinct play on the classic aviator – an eyewear style long utilized for protection against the elements – which they elevated and modernized for the S/S 2022 season with glossy metal hardware, mirrored lenses and blown-up, face-covering silhouettes.

Model wears sunglasses

Sunglasses, £330; dress, £1,290; boots, £3,500, all by Fendi

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Model wears Gucci S/S 2022

Sunglasses, £685; jacket, £2,180; lace-up trousers, £4,440; hat, £575, all by Gucci

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Model wears eyewear by Cutler and Gross

Sunglasses, £315, by Cutler and Gross. Shirt, £175, by MHL by Margaret Howell. Tie £95, by Margaret Howell. Jeans, £189, by Sandro

(Image credit: TBC)

Model wears eyewear by Serengeti

Sunglasses, £325, by Serengeti. Dress, £475, by Nanushka. Boots, £890, by Celine by Hedi Slimane

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Model wears Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses, £500; waistcoat, £1,480; shirt, £975, all by Louis Vuitton

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Model wears eyewear and clothes by Gucci

Sunglasses, £685; jacket, £2,180; lace-up trousers, £4,440; hat, £575, all by Gucci

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