The terminology is ’Resort’ or ’Cruise’. But their breezy connotations belie the gravitas of the collections bridging fashion’s Fall and Spring offerings. Once seen as the neither-here-nor-there wardrobe solutions brought out by fashion houses for those holidaying in hot climates during the cold months - the Resort collections are now so much more than a bunch of ’summer clothes you can buy in winter’.

Resort is serious business, accounting for a sizeable proportion of a label’s revenue, which means designers are dedicating more time to creating pieces which reaffirm a label’s aesthetic. The fact that the collections get a longer stint on the shop floor (from November to April) means that buyers too are confidently making investments in the collections, knowing that a return is guaranteed.

Pegged as the versatile, wearable, harder-working alternative to the show-stoppers fashion brands bring out for their Fall and Spring collections, Resort provides a practical commercial solution in the fast paced fashion world, with new pieces meeting consumers’ needs in winter before the delivery of the Spring collections. Here, we bring you some of the highlights for Resort 2013.