Peter Saville's capsule collection for Umbro is rooted in football but celebrates English diversity. We asked the nation's young creative talent to take up his threads.
Modern England is a nebulous idea – so constantly changing that if you try to grab it, you'll find something else entirely is sitting in your hand. Inspired by this, iconic graphic designer Peter Saville has designed a capsule menswear collection for Umbro that takes as its starting point the English love of football and the country's classic St George's Cross symbol, and twists into a multicoloured canvas that reflects modern England's diversity in everything from politics and religion to fashion and design.
To celebrate this ever-changing aspect of the nation's creativity, Saville collaborated with Wallpaper's editors to select a group of up-and-coming designers from across the country. We dressed each in an item of clothing from Umbro's new collection, which features stylish jackets, crew-necks, polo shirts and T-shirts, adorned with Saville's multicoloured cross pattern (also currently seen on the England home strip). The chosen designers – architect Asif Khan; art director Aneel Kalsi; furniture designer Fotis Evans; sculptor Philip Li; product designer Tom Nelson; Robin Grasby and Marc Bell, aka Inter-national; fashion editor-turned fashion designer Olie Arnold; and graphic designer-cum-record label boss Ben Seary – then revealed what modern England means to them.
The Modern England collection by Peter Saville for Umbro is available exclusively from Harvey Nichols.