Nothing quite matches the sublime luxury of a perfectly fitting bespoke garment. And while London’s Savile Row might be the final word in bespoke tailoring, it’s Lodger on nearby Clifford Street, which opened last October, that’s whetting our fashion appetite with its unique brand of exquisite, custom-made men’s footwear.


See how Lodger shoes are made
Our favourite innovation is the company’s custom fit system – think traditional Italian-English craftsmanship with a 21st century edge. A 3-D virtual map of the customer’s foot is taken using laser scanners to ensure the most accurate and comfortable fit possible every time.
More than fifty measurements are analysed, aesthetic considerations are discussed between the store’s design director and the customer, and then the brand’s expert craftsmen get to work, delivering the perfect shoe sixty days later with the customer’s name and the date of completion hand painted inside.
The store also offers three ready-to-wear collections (English Classic, English Contemporary, and Italian Contemporary, manufactured in their respective locales) as well as an English and an Italian limited edition ’shoe of the month’. We chatted with Lodger founder Nathan Brown about what makes a pair of shoes really exceptional, the fashion mistakes men make, and discovered a man who takes his footwear very seriously – just like us.
Q&A with Lodger founder Nathan Brown