Mood board: It’s a patchwork paradise next spring at No° 21 with scattered calico patterns collaged together with layers of fishnet and sequined draping. These all hung at various lengths, much like a collection of beautiful dish towels handing from a clothesline.

Best in show: The show opened in a fabulous white sequence where layers of fishnets, plissé, lace, and pompoms were cut in long flapper-like, drop-waisted silhouettes. Other stunners included more even-cut sequined cocktail dresses encased in shrouds of tulle that let their bright lights nonetheless shine through, and a series of black lace dresses poufed and pulled in all sorts of new directions.

Finishing touches: Dell’Acqua is the best shoe man in town. This season he hiked his girls’ string bean legs up onto mammoth sandwich platforms bedazzled with ribbons, hiking ties and pearl studs.