We’ve been championing the idea of the urban farm for some time now, but it’s taken a while for the fashionista city crowd to catch on. Yet catch on they finally have, as demonstrated yesterday by Karl Lagerfeld’s, the world’s best known fashion designer and W* guest editor, latest catwalk show, held underneath the imposing dome of the Grand Palais, and set in his very own Chanel barn.

See more images of the farm-inspired set and the after-show entertainment provided by Lily Allen
The chime of a cuckoo clock marked the start of the showpiece, with models appearing from beneath a giant haystack walking on to a straw-strewn timber runway.
Not content with wooing the crowds with the Karl-takes-Chanel-to-country show which featured platform clogs, crochet, stencil prints, wheatsheaf embroideries, baskets and even Chanel binocular cases, British singer Lily Allen (and band) was raised up out of a hole in the pine floorboards to perform a number in her very own gazebo.
Not to miss out on any oppurtunity for hanky panky in the hay, the finale had male model Baptiste Giabiconi accompany two catwalk models for a roll about in the straw bales.