Tonight, in a decisive move stateside, Burberry will open the doors of its Americas headquarters at No.444, on New York’s Madison Avenue.

True to unrestrained form, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has named May 28th as Burberry Day, and the inauguration of the 68,000 square foot HQ will be celebrated with the illumination of three, fifty-foot long Burberry logos on the roof of number 444.

Burberry light up the NY skyline

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Constituting just one of six grandfather claused locations (all of which are exempt from New York’s stringent building signage laws), Burberry finds itself in good company – standing alongside Metlife’s sign at 200 Park Avenue; General Electric at 30 Rockefeller Centre; The FT and UBS at 1330 and 1345 Avenue of the Americas; and Citibank at 666 5th Avenue - the monolithic white neon logos should firmly ensconce the Burberry brand in the psyche of style-conscious New Yorkers.
Out with the old and in with the new: watch as Burberry put its stamp on No.444 Madison Avenue

The Burberry light show will be illuminated to the reception of 300 expressly chosen guests at a launch party to be held in the new Burberry nerve centre, hosted by Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts and Creative Director Christopher Bailey.

Bailey is also responsible for the decadent interior features of the high-polished HQ - with monochromatic chromes, dense woody features and bespoke, cocoa-hued furnishings - inspired by the stoical British roots that so define the brand.

Considering Burberry’s current two store showing in New York, the new headquarters will be flanked with two new Burberry stores, setting a crunch defying tone for the continuation of Burberry’s American occupation.