Low-impact luxury sneakers for a greener footprint

Chloé, Prada and Valentino Garavani debut environmentally conscious, low-impact sneakers

Chloé Nama low-impact sneaker
Chloé ‘Nama’ low-impact sneaker
(Image credit: Zoe Ghertner)

Sustainable sneakerheads, rejoice! Prada and Adidas, Chloé, and Valentino Garavani have released low-impact sneakers that use biomaterials, recycled waste, traceable supply chains, and more to ensure that your sneakers are a bit more friendly to the earth they’re walking over. 

Prada and Adidas

Adidas and Prada Re-Nylon Forum low-impact sneakers

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Two fashion titans come together to create one great sneaker in this latest launch from Adidas and Prada Re-Nylon. The new, low-impact sneaker sees the iconic Adidas Originals Forum style reimagined in Prada’s groundbreaking Re-Nylon fabric, which is made from recycled ocean plastic and textile waste and can be infinitely recycled. 

Even better? These more sustainable sneakers also come with a detachable Prada mini-pouch just big enough for storing your keys or spare cash. 



Chloé Nama more sustainable sneakers

(Image credit: Zoe Ghertner)

Chloé’s new ‘Nama’ sneaker reflects the brand’s invigorated commitment to environmentally conscious production practices under the leadership of its recently appointed, sustainability-focused creative director, Gabriela Hearst. 

The ‘Nama’ sneaker’s hand-stitched, recycled mesh top is complemented by Leather Working Group-certified suede accents and an ultra-lightweight platform base. By tracing everything from the product’s raw material extraction to its production, Chloé has calculated that production of the ‘Nama’ emits 35 per cent less greenhouse gases and consumes 80 per cent less water than its predecessor, the ‘Sonnie’ sneaker.

The end result is an eye-catching pair of kicks that reflect the brand’s sustainable ethos and its joyful, laid-back aesthetic. 


Valentino Garavani

Open for a Change Valentino low impact sneakers

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Valentino Garavani's classic ‘Open’ and ‘Rockstud Untitled’ sneakers have received an environmentally aware update courtesy of the brand’s new ‘Open for a Change’ project. The more sustainable sneakers are made from bio-based eco-leather and a partially recycled rubber sole, while even the laces are made from recycled polyester, and the brand’s trademark studs are crafted from recycled nylon. 

Emblazoned with ‘Open for a Change’ on the side, the new sneakers herald the launch of the brand’s initiative to explore more sustainable materials and techniques in its future designs.


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