Celine Haute Parfumerie reveals scented papers

Celine Haute Parfumerie debuts new additions to its collection, including scented paper and travel spray cases

White Celine Haute Parfumerie scented paper
(Image credit: Celine)

Celine Haute Parfumerie has debuted the latest additions to its collection of perfumes and fragrant accessories this week with the launch of scented paper sheets and refillable travel sprays, in new shades of ivory and gold, and black and silver. 

The items join the collection of scented Celine candles, debuted in 2021.

Celine Haute Parfumerie’s fragrant new additions 

The sheets of scented paper are perfumed with Parade, a blend of bergamot, neroli, vetiver and oakmoss that creates a musky, powdery fragrance that is the brand’s bestseller. 

Embossed with the classic Triomphe emblem, the papers are designed to be placed in your wardrobe or chest of drawers as an elegant way to lightly scent clothing and linen. 

Sheets of white Celine Haute Parfumerie scented paper

Celine scented paper

(Image credit: Celine)

Although the scented paper sheets are designed as drawer liners, there is plenty of room to get creative with how you use them – perhaps as a perfumed card slipped into a gift, an elegant bookmark, or a clever addition to your suitcase, for example. 

Further new additions to the Celine Haute Parfumerie range are two new colour choices for the brand’s refillable travel sprays – ivory and gold, and black and silver –which join the original plain gold and silver editions.

Celine travel perfume spray diffuser

Celine Haute Parfumerie travel spray diffuser in ivory and gold

(Image credit: Celine)

The travel spray cases can be filled with one of 11 travel-sized versions of the brand’s signature fragrances (Rimbaud and Eau de Californie are our particular favourites).

Keep a spray in your handbag to reapply your favourite fragrance throughout the day; or regularly switch the different perfume options out to match your mood or the day’s events. 


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