Rethinking olive oil, the original superfood

Jordanian producer Onsuri explores the extraordinary benefits of a very good olive oil

Onsuri olive oil
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The original superfood, olive oil has, for thousands of years, been so embedded in our cultural and culinary consciousness as to be almost a fifth element. Whole aisles of food halls are dedicated to its many varieties and we are well versed in such terms as ‘cold pressed’ and ‘single origin’ as well as its health benefits.

Just in case we’ve become complacent about olive oil, taken it for granted perhaps, with familiarity, or seduced by a tide of newer, and ever more exotic oils, Jordanian producer Onsuri is here to remind us how extraordinary olive oil can be.

The family run Onsuri olive farm sits as an oasis within the Azraq basin at 820m above sea level, in the Eastern Desert region of Jordan. The finest Greek, Spanish and Jordanian olive varieties – chosen for their unique and exceptional qualities, are expertly cultivated here.

squid ink pici recipe made with olive oil

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Sustainability is at the heart of their processing method, with fallen leaves and branches composted and returned to the earth, and most of the farm’s energy generated by solar panels. The olives, once picked, are pressed within the hour to maintain the integrity of their exquisite flavour, and all water from the olive press is recycled.

Already highly prized by professional chefs and restaurants, the brand is now extending the award winning Onsuri experience for a wider audience to enjoy in their own homes. It is launching several different types of oil – all extra virgin, and each with its own distinct character and finely tuned flavour notes, which range from grassy and peppery, to floral and delicate. ‘First Dawn’ for instance, is pressed from the year’s first harvest of the Greek Koroneki variety – (which is known as the King of Olives). Picked by hand as the sun rises, ‘First Dawn’ offers a remarkably pure and robust depth of flavour.

The ‘Discovery Set’ presents an opportunity to explore the rich world of very fine olive oil, containing four Onsuri expressions that showcase the variety of different olives and flavours, with tasting notes so they may be compared and fully appreciated.

With an intimate understanding of the olive oil industry, and a desire to revitalise it, Onsuri are properly serious about sustainability, so are also moving towards a subscription refill system, which would eliminate the use of plastic and glass and deliver superb olive oil straight to their customers with no unnecessary waste.

Onsuri Farm

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