This Mexican bakery is a haven for indulgent pastries and playful design

Costra is a newly redesigned Mexico City bakery that will satisfy your taste for sweet treats and lively design

Each pastry is displayed on its own unique shelf ledge. There are six columns of illuminated shelves with 24 shelves in total.
Pastries on display at Costra, Mexico City. Photography by Zaickz Moz. 
(Image credit: Zaickz Moz)

‘Space and light and order, those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep,’ said Le Corbusier. While there are sadly no sleepovers at Costra bakery in Mexico City, it has Le Corbusier’s other essentials in abundance.

Good bread and good design go hand in hand at the venue, which has recently been redesigned by local architecture practice Javier Puga Estudio in collaberation with Campo Estudio. 

Inside the Mexico City bakery featuring the pastry wall and two two-seater tables.

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The open-plan space manages to be both airy and cosy. Walk through the garage-like entrance and warm orange-hued lights (inspired by an oven fire) will guide you to a counter brimming with bread and coffee. ‘The experience begins with the contrasts of colour between the city and this place that seems to be born from the fire of an erupting volcano,’ says architect Julia Villagómez Volkers of the design. 

At the same time, ‘we wanted to recall the industrial process by which bread and coffee are handled, using materials such as steel, evoking the handmade part of the process through the shades of clay and earth’. All of this is enlivened by whimsical touches – a hall of mirrors in between the bathrooms, upturned traffic cones repurposed as flower pots, hanging shelves that display pastries like works of fine art. The result is a space that is cool without being cold, welcoming visitors from the buzzy Narvarte district outside.

Interior of Mexican bakery

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And of course, there's the bread. Costra’s offering is straightforward but satisfying – cloud-like croissants, frisbee-size cinnamon rolls, and simple sandwiches served on crunchy baguettes. It is a place for enjoying a casual lunch or sweet afternoon snack and, most importantly, it has a quality coffee selection. 

Say the architects at Javier Puga Estudio, ‘Costra is a space that aims to connect with visitors through colour, light and scents. It is a design experience, and we wanted everyone to feel part of this place.’

Mexico City bakery

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