Welcome spring with Gucci’s premade cocktail, Elisir d’Elicriso

Gucci’s Elisir d’Elicriso, a gin-based, premade cocktail, has been crafted by The Connaught’s mixologist, Giorgio Bargiani

Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso cocktail in glasses
(Image credit: Gucci)

Elisir d’Elicriso is Gucci. The premade cocktail first debuted last year alongside the opening of the brand’s Florentine coffee and cocktail bar, Gucci Giardino 25, but it remained unavailable for purchase outside of Italy until now. 

Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso

mixologist Giorgio Bargiani blending Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso cocktail

Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani blending an Elisir d’Elicriso cocktail 

(Image credit: Gucci)

As of this week, Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso can be purchased online in the United Kingdom, with more countries to come soon. The drink has been blended by award-winning mixologist Giorgio Bargiani, who is currently assistant director of mixology at London’s Connaught Bar, with flavours inspired by Gucci’s Tuscan heritage. 

Bottle of pink premade cocktail Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso

(Image credit: Gucci)

The gin and vermouth-based cocktail, with a touch of Tenuta San Guido wine, is mixed with Mediterranean botanicals and herbs from the Tuscan coast, most notably elicriso, which has a bitter, sage-like taste and gives the cocktail a complex, herbaceous flavour without being overpowering. 

It’s similar in composition to a gin and tonic, but with a much more interesting kick and a lovely pink hue – perfect for the arrival of spring and outdoor drinking. 

We recommend serving alone in a cooled martini glass, but it is also delicious mixed with soda, served on the rocks, or made into a spritz-like cocktail by mixing with prosecco. 


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