Super scoops: cool gelato recipes

From a classic cone to a brioche bun, we share the best ways to serve your favourite gelato

mint and chocolate gelato in glass cup on black and white marble countertop
Entertaining Director Melina Keays. Interiors Matthew Morris.
(Image credit: Gustav Almestål)

Our gelato habit – a beloved summer ritual – is picked up again now that the longer days are with us, and especially with the much-awaited, though gradual, re-opening of hospitality in the UK. Indeed, as it is usually a take-out item, (pandemic or not), a gelato fix brings us even closer to a sweet sense of some kind of normality.

In celebration of gelato time, let us present some of our favourite serving suggestions.

Gelato and coffee

affogato in glass cup next to pink and orange desserts and cup of coffee

‘9090’ espresso maker, by Richard Sapper, for Alessi, from SCP. Faience dinner plate, from Willer. ‘Bistrot’ teak teaspoon, by Sabre, from The Conran Shop. Tumbler, by Rotter Glass, from Thomas Goode. ‘Catene’ espresso cup and saucer, by Ginori 1735, from Amara. ‘Grape Bowl 263A’, by Georg Jensen. ‘TE001’ terrazzo, by Diespeker Affogato (fior di latte gelato with a shot of espresso), by Gelupo Fruit jellies, by Caffè Gilli. 

(Image credit: Gustav Almestål)

Affogato. The simple but powerful combination of a hot shot of espresso poured over a scoop of cold gelato never gets tired, at any time of day or night. Try flor di latte gelato, with a double shot of espresso for a supercharged frozen latte hit.

Gelato in a bun

gelato in glass cup with brioche on top

Linen napkin, from The Conran Shop. ‘Vertigo’ tray, ‘Mood’ teaspoon, both by Christofle, from Harrods. ’TAC’ coffee cup; saucer, both by Rosenthal. ‘TE001’ terrazzo, by Diespeker. 
Brioche, by Harrods Bakery. Comice pear, ricotta salata and candied citrus ice cream, by La Grotta Ices.

(Image credit: Gustav Almestål)

How do you like it? Straight out of the tub, atop a cone, or encased in buttery soft brioche? Try splitting a brioche bun and filling it with ricotta gelato, to create an unbelievably delicious sweet cheese sandwich. This suggestion is adaptable obviously – your choice of gelato in any bun you desire.

Gelato with fruit

raspberry sorbet and gelato in glass cup on pink countertop next to glass of champagne

‘Serie B’ champagne glass, by Josef Hoffmann, for Lobmeyr, from Willer. ‘Goa’ spoon, by Cutipol, from The Conran Shop. ‘Château’ flute, by Baccarat. ‘Silhouette’ tray, by Space Copenhagen, for Nude. Terrazzo, by Altrock.
Raspberry sorbet (with whipped cream), by Gelupo. Cigarrillos, by Casa Eceiza, from Whole Foods Market.

(Image credit: Gustav Almestål)

Berries and cream have always been a winner – and all the better in frozen form, with the sharp sweet tang of luscious raspberry sorbet contrasting to fabulous effect with rich, softly whipped cream. We suggest adding a nice biscuit and a glass of champagne to complete the scene.

Gelato in a cone

mint and chocolate gelato in glass cup on black and white marble countertop

Textured spoon, by Studio William, from Harrods. ‘Oxymore’ footed cup, by Saint-Louis. ‘Malmaison’ tray, by Christofle, from Harrods. ‘TE081’ terrazzo,  by Diespeker Fresh mint stracciatella; bitter chocolate sorbet, chocolate pistachio minicones, all by Gelupo. 

(Image credit: Gustav Almestål)

As flavour combos go, chocolate and mint is still so very strong, with no more embellishment needed to make a perfect sundae. Here we have a scoop each of fresh mint stracciatella, and bitter chocolate sorbet – all you need now is a spoon.


A version of this article first appeared in the May 2019 issue of Wallpaper* (W*242) 

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