For the last decade, Wallpaper* Handmade – our annual exhibition of captivating collaborations – has been populated by innovative brands, designers and manufacturers from around the globe. This year, we’re joined by a whole host of friends to enrich the love-themed Handmade experience. Expect denim delights, savvy storage solutions and Milanese novelties at our exhibition at Salone dei Tessuti, Milan (9-13 April 2019).


Pictured above, Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI presents its range of savvy storage solutions. Famed for its ability to balance warmth and minimalism, Muji elevates everyday essentials. Here, it showcases its acrylic, soft polyethylene, polypropylene and rattan storage options; geared towards smaller city homes that have fallen foul of contemporary ‘stuff’ culture. We’re particularly keen on the Rattan collection, which pairs an ancient technique with contemporary styles, handwoven in Vietnam. The textural baskets, available in several sizes, come with our without handles and lids for extra flexibility.



The folks at Sancal got butterflies thinking about our love themed exhibition this year. Emotions are running high in the Spanish brand’s space that will feature launches including Luca Nichetto’s Next Stop seating system dressed in Marie-Louise Rosholm Zero knitted fabric, all tied up in its transport theme installation, ‘Transitient Madness’.



Swiss modular funiture expert USM presents a pink-hued, light-filled spatial installation, representing its furniture’s ability to be innovatively configured. Strip lights vividly demarcate the space and attract the eye.


Denim ingredient brand ISKO offers a multisensorial space with ten different technologies showcasing the endless possibilities of the material. For the interactive gallery space, ISKO joins forces with ten different brands. It has appointed sound artist Chiara Luzzana to create a soundscape for each of the ten technoloiges, visually realised by DWA, further immersing visitors into the Denim Sound Textures universe as they meander through. Read more here.

Lato x Lato

Lato x Lato vases, at Wallpaper* Handmade X
Marcello Massimo, white platinum flower, by Lato x Lato

This young ‘ideas incubator’, established just last year, celebrates the ‘Made in Italy’ message. Husband-and-wife duo Francesco Breganze de Capnist and Virginia Valentini (from Vicenza and Bologna respectively) graduated from Milan Polytechnic, and are infinitely inspired by their country’s rich heritage of architecture, design and decorative arts. At the Wallpaper* Handmade space, they present their first collection, comprising an infinitely customisable modular storage chest, a coffee table inspired by the zoomorphic lines of the 1950s and 60s, alongside vases and centerpieces that draw on the metaphysical perspectives of Rationalist and Renaissance architecture (pictured). Each complementary piece merges the couple’s deep roots in the Italian cannon, with a contemporary (and self-proclaimedly) ‘unusual’ vision. §