Danish brand Vipp’s new lighting collection, launching next month, also marks the company’s first foray into the form.

The debut collection features five pieces, including floor and table options, a ceiling lamp and two wall versions, all produced following the company’s minimal design aesthetic and utilising its 75 years of experience in metalworking.

Following Vipp’s belief in timeless objects and its founders’ rejection of disposable culture, the collection was developed with the lighting industry in mind, avoiding a fixed light source. This allows users to change the source in keeping with technological developments – instead of releasing new versions every decade, each lamp produced can seamlessly adapt to future advancements. ’This gives you a lamp that you can cherish for years on end,’ says Morten Bo Jensen, the company’s chief designer. 

Vipp’s CEO, Kasper Egelund, echoes this feeling, specifying that this first lighting design will also be the last for the Copenhagen brand. ‘We only make one type of each product, so you will not see a new collection of lamps from Vipp next season. Because once you have captured good light, what else is there to achieve in a lamp?’

The simple design is manufactured out of die-cast powder-coated aluminium in the company’s signature charcoal tone. The pieces feature analogue details, such as adjustable joints and finger screws, to ensure proper posture. Their shapes combine an industrial feeling with a softer edge, and the perforated shades diffuse the light softly from the top as well as directing it at the bottom. A great example of a well-thought out product, with little design details that make lighting as effortless as it should be.