Czech designer Linda Vrnakova of LIV Design has elevated the hammock seat to a new level of laid-back luxury with her Swingy seat collection. Presented at Prague’s recent 2015 Designblok, the plush quilt-like swinging seats began as a final semester project during her master’s program in textile and fashion design at the University of JE Purkyne in Ústí Nad Labem, where Vrnakova will complete her six-years of study next year.

Suspended by a system of thick cotton ropes and beech wood beams, the seats owe their striking appearance to high-quality fabrics in cotton and canvas from Kirby Design, and a series of certified massage balls used for a successful Czech physiotherapy method that have been incorporated into the fabric. (’I was wondering how to use them in my field of textile design,’ says Vrnakova.)

Designed in both indoor and outdoor iterations, the stylish seats are handmade and feature leather detailing made from waste materials from Czech leather shops.

’I created Swingy because of my own sense of lack of rest and the need to learn to meditate,’ says Vrnakova. ’To let your imagination form and to relax in the gentle swaying that has such a positive effect on mind and body.’