Studiopepe’s mirrors for Visionnaire are inspired by alchemy and astrology

Self-reflection is key for Milan’s Studiopepe, which conjures up a new mirror design for Visionnaire

Studiopepe designer Chiara Di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami standing alongside their fringed mirror for Visionnaire
Studiopepe’s Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto with their ‘Blanche’ mirror, part of the designers’ Empire of the Senses collection for Visionnaire.
(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Despite regularly working for some of Italy’s leading furniture brands – among them Gallotti & Radice, Baxter and Tacchini – Studiopepe often feels apart from the world of industrial design. Its design philosophy is based on extensive iconographic research, a conceptual approach to objects and a touch of the unexpected, giving a rich context to everything it does. Its penchant for ancient cultures, symbolism and the history of objects manifests itself into shapes, material combinations and concepts. 

‘Studiopepe are able to communicate the worlds of furniture and interior design through a highly contemporary language,’ says Eleonore Cavalli, art director of Italian furniture brand Visionnaire. Cavalli has been following the studio’s evolution for several years, and recently presented the first in a series of collections dedicated to the five senses, created for the brand by Studiopepe co-founders Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. ‘Their desire to explore ancient materials by giving them a new meaning brought us a lot closer and pushed us to start this collaboration,’ adds Cavalli.

Mirror in Milan park

The mirror, photographed at Giardini Indro Montanelli, close to Visionnaire's Milan showroom. 

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

The initial designs of the ongoing Empire of the Senses collection were presented at Salone del Mobile 2022. The ‘Parade’ lights are defined by hanging moulded glass tongues (for taste), while the ‘Blanche’ mirrors (representing sight and touch) feature a rounded leather frame and fringed curtain that conceals reflecting surfaces etched with the highly symbolic images of a snake, and a naked woman with the moon.

‘We’ve always been intrigued by the mirror as an object,’ explains Lelli Mami. ‘It’s a symbol of entering another dimension, dreamlike and intimate. When you walk past a mirror, you look at yourself. We liked the idea of masking it, adding a sense of mystery through a symbol to discover.’

‘Through our projects, we deal with design, but also with symbols: we like to investigate the symbolic aspects of the objects that surround us,’ says Di Pinto. Their work has often led them to delve deep into disciplines such as tarot, alchemy and astrology, which they incorporate into their designs. ‘They have been the basis of contemporary and modern psychology, and as designers, we think the psychological aspect of our relationship with objects – why we choose them and how we design the environment where we live – is very important,’ continues Lelli Mami. ‘So we look into these disciplines not in a purely scientific way, but with a more humanistic approach, and think about the ancient cultures that have tried to make sense of the imaginary.’


Star signs designed by Studiopepe, taurus and scorpio

(Image credit: Artwork: Arianna Capelli/Studiopepe)

Visionnaire mirror being transported on Milan street

Studiopepe’s ‘Blanche’ mirror being transported from the Visionnaire showroom on Milan’s Piazza Cavour to the nearby shoot location.

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Seeing the mirrors at Salone del Mobile 2022, and in ensuing conversations with Cavalli, Lelli Mami and Di Pinto, Wallpaper* delved deeper into Studiopepe’s passion for the mystical and otherworldly. Inspired by their bringing together astrology and design, we asked them to write a 2023 horoscope for us. 

‘It’s a small slice of knowledge of yourself and the world,’ adds Lelli Mami. ‘We are fascinated by this mysterious element of life, but also by the fact that it’s something that connects everything. Ancient philosophers have always talked about our connection to the whole. This is a small tile of something larger, but it can change your perspective.’  

Two Fringed mirrors

(Image credit: courtesy Visionnaire)

Two Etched mirrors

(Image credit: courtesy Visionnaire)


‘Blanche’ mirror, £7,713, by Studiopepe, for Visionnaire

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