Møbel Copenhagen and David Thulstrup’s new furniture range honours Danish design heritage

regular dinning chair
‘Regular’ dining chairs with the ‘Beam’ dining table by Studio David Thulstrup for Møbel Copenhagen
(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)

The revival of a storied brand is often fuelled by nostalgia – but Danish entrepreneurs Sara and Thomas Agersborg, who recently acquired and relaunched Møbel Copenhagen, do not cling to the past. Adding to an historic catalogue, they have teamed up with Studio David Thulstrup to create a furniture collection that looks to Denmark’s design heritage – and honours its minimalist traditions – but does so with a bold, unexpected twist.

Launching spring 2018, the new collection comprises the ‘Beam’ dining table (available in high gloss, oak or linoleum) and ‘The Pair’ side tables, each factoring a tapered cylindrical form tucked under a low-slung circular surface. Adding to this is a range of graphic seating titled ‘Fonts’, which draws inspiration from circular geometry and typography. It includes a ‘Regular’ dining chair, a ‘Bold’ lounge chair and a ‘Light’ barstool, as well as two sofas.

Fonts seating range by Studio David

‘Light’ barstools from the ‘Fonts’ seating range by Studio David Thulstrup for Møbel Copenhagen

(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)

The goods will be available in a range of styles to suit the consumer’s needs and wants – think varying sizes, finishes and colour choices, from subtle pastel blues to brighter primary hues, complementing the selection of playful textiles from companies like Pierre Frey and Kvadrat. As Thulstrup explains in more detail: ‘Besides being a technical finish, one of the key design features is the piping, serving as a playful element for the customer, who can choose between different colours and fabrics to match, contrast or complement the chair, according to personal taste and style.’

While looking to the design luminaries of Denmark’s past – individuals such as Poul Kjærholm — Møbel Copenhagen wanted to create something confident and fresh. Steel was the material Kjærholm primarily worked with, yet his curious mind led him to experiment with other materials like wood, leather and marble. It is this focus on tactility, and especially the use of ‘honest’ materials, which Studio David Thulstrup and Møbel Copenhagen have revived, displaying a versatility that, intriguingly, also mirrors Thulstrup’s multifaceted talents as both architect and designer.

While the shapes are inherently simple and echo the timeless quality of their predecessors, the emphasis on customisation lends the collection a refreshingly modern appeal. With a bold colour palette and daring attitude, Møbel Copenhagen and Studio David Thulstrup reveal Danish design’s increasingly extroverted character.


Thulstrup’s graphic seating range is titled ‘Fonts’ and it draws inspiration from circular geometry and typography

(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)


‘Bold’ lounge chairs from the 'Fonts' seating range

(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)


Left, 'Light’ stools from the ‘Fonts’ range. Right, ‘The Pair’ side tables

(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)

brown stool

‘Light’ barstool, from the ‘Fonts’ seating range

(Image credit: Møbel Copenhagen)


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