Scandinavian design meets Japanese heritage in OEO Studio’s Tokyo apartment

OEO Studio has collaborated with Japanese property developer ReBita on a luxury new apartment at Tokyo’s Opus Arisugawa Terrace & Residence

A wide hallway with floor to ceiling wood slats, leading to a step up into a lounge area with wide panoramic windows and large grey sofas and chair.
(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

Copenhagen-based OEO Studio brings a Scandinavian sensibility to Japanese design codes with the completion of a Tokyo apartment at Opus Arisugawa Terrace & Residence. Marrying a clean aesthetic with locally sourced materials, the result intertwines references in a nod to both cultures.

The luxury apartment is a collaboration between OEO Studio and Japanese property developer ReBita, with the former drawing on its design heritage for key elements throughout.

Wood walls with a Hinoki wood bath.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

The kitchen, designed by OEO Studio, was crafted in Denmark by Danish brand Garde Hvalsøe and comes complete with its distinctive handcrafted cabinetry. In the living room, furniture by Gubi, Stellar Works and Brdr Krüger makes an elegant foil for wall art by Finnish artist Jaakko Mattila and Danish photographer Søren Rønholt.

The apartment interior design creates a sense of warmth carried through to the layout itself, which encourages a natural flow throughout with designated spaces. A lived-in feel is encapsulated in a celebration of texture, from rammed earth on the walls of the entryway nodding to the outdoors, to columns crafted from Japanese Ōya stone on the columns between the living and kitchen areas. Deep blue indigo tiles welcome guests at the entrance hall, while Finnish birch paper yarn rugs, with patterns that reference traditional Japanese textiles, bring a comfortable tactility to the space.

A fitted kitchen made with wood and a dark island with two stools.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

An inlay of stone floor in the living room and the wooden floor of the neighbouring room makes for a bold juxtaposition, set off by a feature wall that can be left open or closed depending upon the need for privacy.

This theme of contrast continues into the bedrooms, where one dark and one light room are fitted with furniture by Karakter, Brdr Krüger, Stellar Works and Fritz Hansen. Stonework and wooden cabinetry can also be found in the ensuite bathrooms, where a hinoki wood bathtub takes centre stage.

A double bed with wood base and light beige/white linen. A wood headboard with side boards and a lamp on each side. Three paintings on the wall.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

Inside a lounge area with a black round table with six chairs, a black sideboard with ornaments, two landscape paintings.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

The lounge featuring two white curved extended sofas and a chair, a brown rug, a double layer table, large panoramic windows that look out to trees.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)

A strong wall split into different pattern segments and a series of branches rising from the right.

(Image credit: Michinori Aoki)


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