Peaty porcelain: Afroditi Krassa designs ceramic flask for Royal Salute’s dynamic aged blends

Peaty porcelain: Afroditi Krassa designs ceramic flask for Royal Salute’s dynamic aged blends

In 2015, Wallpaper* joined forces with Greek London-based designer Afroditi Krassa and whisky masters Royal Salute to create a bespoke flask for our annual Handmade project. Krassa’s design featured a streamlined shape for the flask, made of glazed ceramic that was created by German experts Fürstenberg Porzellan.

Krassa and Royal Salute continued their partnership beyond the Handmade borders, and are now presenting their second collaborative product: a limited-edition flask that celebrates a special run of the 30-year aged Scotch whisky, created by Royal Salute’s Director of Blending, Sandy Hyslop. The exclusive set, titled Royal Salute 30-year-old The Flask Edition, comprises flask and a distinctive, full-bodied blend of some of the finest Scotch whiskies, aged for a minimum of 30 years.

The blue porcelain flask designed by Krassa accompanies the whisky bottle of the same material, and comes with a matching funnel for easy pouring, and a minimal wooden tray for presentation. The set is imagined to enhance the whisky-drinking experience, doubling as a travel kit to enjoy Royal Salute on the move.

‘Each time I start a new project I want to challenge the status quo,’ explains the designer. ‘That’s why I was so inspired by Royal Salute, while all other whisky brands are content with glass, Royal Salute houses its whisky in precious porcelain.’ Krassa explains that she wanted to apply the same idea to the flask, creating something in keeping with the brand’s tradition and mixing this with a modern product.

Ceramics have a rich history,’ continues the architect, ‘and for me this project presented a really interesting contrast of ancient techniques crafted for a modern audience.’

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