Italian furniture company Giorgetti previews its new collections ahead of Salone del Mobile 2022, starting with a screen by Tuscany-based architect Roberto Lazzeroni. 

The new piece is part of a long-term partnership between Giorgetti and Lazzeroni, whose fruitful collaboration has included pieces such as chairs, beds, tables, sofas as well as functional home office desks and storage units. 

room divider by Roberto Lazzeroni for Giorgetti made of twisted leather bands in black and brown

The Borealis screen is a sophisticated room divider, imagined to create intimacy in living spaces and bedrooms. An intuitive design that was the result of the architect’s ‘quick thinking’, this piece takes Lazzeroni’s output in a new, more expressive direction. 

Made of three rotating modules, the screen is defined by a sensual composition of interwoven leather bands, whose arrangement references the patterns of Aurora Borealis, from which comes the design’s name. The design is the result of a complex composition, each band made of two layers of leather in different colours, which were then twisted to create eyelets of different dimensions and arranged asymmetrically over the pewter-finish aluminium frame. 

sketch by Roberto Lazzeroni

Lazzeroni’s design celebrates Giorgetti’s own leather craftsmanship heritage, highlighting the exquisite artisanal expertise of its team in sewing and finishing leather upholstery through a new creative expression. 

‘This is a useful complement to create small intimate spaces,’ observes Lazzeroni. ‘With Borealis, I wanted to design an object with a strong decorative value, which would tell of the craftsmanship of Giorgetti; strips of two-colour leather are sewn to a metal frame, in tension, and when they meet, stopped by a small manual stitching, they form very pleasant-looking bows.’

A full collection of furniture by Giorgetti will be presented in Milan in June 2022. §

detail of twisted leather
screen by Roberto Lazzeroni