A precious few items are as iconic and timeless as Kaare Klint's Faaborg Chair. To pay tribute to the classic, first released 100 years ago, the renowned cabinetmakers Rud Rasmussen are releasing a ten-piece special edition and a numbered anniversary release. 

Like the original, the ten-piece special edition will be crafted from burr wood, obtained from an elm that stood in Rud Rasmussen's back courtyard for a century and was felled 25 years ago, awaiting a special occasion like this. For a twist, the seat will be made of French rattan, the same material associated with the back and sides of the original. These ten chairs will not be offered on sale to begin with; instead they'll be travelling as part of an international exhibition. 

The numbered anniversary edition will be on sale though, and the first 100 of them are numbered. Made of oil-treated walnut, the seats will be upholstered in exclusive black Niger leather.   

First presented in 1915 for the Faaborg Museum on the Danish island of Funen, the Faaborg Chair was the work of Kaare Klint, then only 26 years of age, and architect Carl Petersen. The design would later prove to be the first modern Danish design classic and go on to inspire a whole new generation.

'The chair's centennial offers the perfect occasion to pay tribute to Denmark's first modern design classic created by the father of Danish furniture design,' notes David Obel Rosenkvist, CEO of Rud Rasmussen. We couldn't agree more.