First presented during Milan's Euroluce at the 2013 Salone del Mobile, Michael Anastassiades' String Lights, created for Flos, generated an immediate buzz over their deceptively simple design. Rather than try to hide pesky lighting cables, the Wallpaper* Handmade collaborator embraced them. Using 12 or 22 metre cords made from Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable, the wiring was used to draw neat, precise lines across a clean space, almost like an Etch A Sketch, finished off with discreet cone, or sphere-shaped pendants in matte black aluminum.

Anastassiades originally conceived the string lights in eight different configurations. But the Cypriot designer continued on a design bender well after the launch, churning out infinite ideas on how the lights could be hung. 'He was sending us over new configurations every day - it was like, "Oh my God,"' laughs Flos CEO Piero Gandini. 'We were losing our heads.'

As the lamps hit Flos stores worldwide this week, the company has issued a special design booklet to help consumers untangle the String Light's features. Not only does it give a breakdown of Anastassiades' formations, but an app for smart phones and tablets gives further details on how to set up the lights.  The app also includes a profile on Anastassiades and his various work projects, as well as a dimmer function and on/off switch that can be operated by Bluetooth, Android or Apple remote control application.