Lara Bohinc lighting for Roll & Hill is inspired by the moon

‘Moonrise’ by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill marks the designer’s inaugural collection for the American lighting brand

Two wall lights by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill featuring geometric shapes in black anodised aluminium
Two wall lights by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill, from her new ’Moonrise’ collection, featuring geometric shapes in black anodised aluminium
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Lara Bohinc has created a collection of lighting for American brand Roll & Hill. Titled ‘Moonrise’, the Slovenian-born, London-based designer’s inaugural collection for the brand was inspired by the different phases of the moon. Roll & Hill was founded as a lighting brand in 2010 by Jason Miller – going on to collaborate with the likes of Philippe Malouin, Formafantasma, Lindsey Adelman, and Bec Brittain – and recently made its first foray into furniture.

Bohinc started her career as a jewellery designer, moving on to furniture, product and lighting design thanks to a fortuitous collaboration for Wallpaper* Handmade in 2014, which paired her with stone specialist Lapicida to design the ‘Solaris Kinetic Table’. (Coincidentally, Miller took part in Wallpaper* Handmade a year later creating a ceramic vessel.)

From there, Bohinc has developed a distinctive approach to furniture and product design, with sophisticated collections defined by a strong geometric identity and luxury materials. Her focus is on ‘deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure graphic forms, particularly of circles and arches’. The night sky, moon and stars are recurring themes in her work, abstracted into the pure geometries that form her pieces.

Pendant light chandelier by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill in brushed brass

‘Moonrise’ chandelier in brushed brass by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill

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The ‘Moonrise’ collection by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill carries on this well-defined design tradition, featuring geometric compositions of round shapes arranged at different angles. The brutalist silhouettes of the lamps change depending on the viewer’s perspective, and their intricate overlapping creates a sense of playfulness.

Detail of black anodised aluminium chandelier by Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill

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The designer created a chandelier and two sconces, available in brushed brass or black anodised aluminium. Cleverly machined aluminium is both structural and aesthetic. ‘Lighting is like jewellery for the room,’ says Bohinc. ‘It brings sparkle, life and joy to any space. Lights are accents that determine the mood. The room is never complete without lighting.’


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