Outdoor furniture company Kettal presents Pavilion O, an evolution of its outdoor structures aimed at reinventing the workspace. A modular structure that brings a flexible approach to open spaces, Kettal’s Pavilion O is part of the Spanish company’s ‘Workspace’ offering and is part of a larger focus on office design that includes office furniture as well as structures such as phone booths.

Kettal’s Pavilion O: a modular workspace solution

Furniture companies have adapted to a changing market with flexible solutions, says the brand’s statement: for Kettal, the answer for the office space of the future lies in ‘structures that can be easily reconfigured to suit ever-changing requirements’.

The main function of Pavilion O is to ‘provide a flexible way of dividing offices into separate zones, while offering enclosed workspaces’. The system consists of an aluminium structure composed by a variety of materials, including glass, wood and fabric, as well as functional additions such as shelving, TV units, whiteboards and bulletin boards (with additional elements available to suit customers’ more specific needs).

The Pavilion is equipped with Kettal’s own ‘Click & Work’ clipping system, making it easy to take apart and reassemble to create different office set-ups. 

Watch: Kettal Pavilion O in action