Tight knit: Joe Doucet designs a range of 3D ties for Thursday Finest

Tight knit: Joe Doucet designs a range of 3D ties for Thursday Finest

Much has been made about the capabilities of 3D printing. From functional car parts to sculptural, ornamental objet, we’ve more or less accepted that everything and anything is possible.

Putting principle into practice is Thursday Finest, a young start-up from Brooklyn, which has appropriated 3D knitting technology to create its colourful collection of custom-made ties. Aided by a Japanese knitting machine, the label’s merino wool ties are created to order. Clients are not only able to select their preferred colour combinations, but the style, size and proportion of each knit is specially set to suit the wearer’s height.

The company has taken its design credo one step further by teaming up with Joe Doucet on a unique capsule collection that features a bold line across each tie, playfully mimicking the tie bar that so many Brooklynites ubiquitously embrace.

Apart from the tongue-in-cheek references, the tie bar motif also re-emphasises Thursday Finest’s technological prowess. Since a tie bar should always be worn between the second and third button of a shirt, the studio’s methodology ensures that this rule is easily upheld, especially since it takes each client’s height into consideration. Available in five Doucet-recommended colourways, these ties add a quick dash of polish, regardless of whether one is required or not.

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