Because we’re perpetually on the look out for photogenic bottles of booze to add to our home bar, we’re sharing our newest discovery Soto Sake, a premium brand of Japanese sake that comes armed with good looks to boot.

Made from finely polished rice and pristine water, Soto’s Junmai Daiginjo sake is refined and delicate to the taste. Named after the Japanese word for ‘outside’, Soto embraces a field-to-bottle philosophy that has won it numerous awards and accolades at wine tasting events worldwide since its launch earlier this year. In addition to using ingredients of the highest quality, Soto Sake’s captivating formula can also be attributed to the expertise of its ‘toji’ (traditional sake brew master), who’s managed to distill the characteristics of sake in the most elegant way.

To do its creation justice, Soto Sake turned to the New York-based designer Joe Doucet to create an equally alluring bottle. Doucet was inspired by the deep-rooted history of sake in Japan and designed a sophisticated yet playful label that experiments with opacity to give a modern edge. The organically textured glass bottle is also wrapped in denim fabric at its neck for a further twist on its traditional image. Best enjoyed chilled, straight up or in cocktails.