As Quantum of Solace gets ready to roll out, there’s the usual glut of derisory articles about the extreme levels of product placement in the film.
There are few surprises when it comes to the big brands starring alongside Daniel Craig (Virgin Atlantic, Aston Martin, Sony, Omega, Ford and Coca Cola Zero to name a handful) but what caught our attention was the inclusion of a few design companies in there too, principally B&B Italia.
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Unlike say Coca Cola or Sony’s instantly recognisable presence, even the most die hard design enthusiast would be pushed to spot a B&B Italia bed if Bond (or one of his ladies) was cavorting over it in a state of undress.
So we took the opportunity to track down the film’s set decorator, Anna Pinnock, to find out exactly what a brand like B&B Italia stands to gain from getting in on the product placement act, and while we’re at it, how one goes about ‘decorating’ a film set across five countries.
She took us through her job from mood board to post-production furniture sale and told us how the film has taken a leaf out of the seminal Ken Adams sets of the 1960s and 1970s. All of which seemed like a good excuse, were one needed, to revisit some of our favourite Adams sets from the past.

Bond Interiors

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