Shoreline salesroom: House of Voltaire ship their wares worldwide from Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach event set up with long tables and black chairs with goody bags
House of Voltaire teamed up with QIC Global Real Estate and the luxury goods distributor Farfetch for this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, adding an atmosphere of fun with their eclectic collection at the New Art Dealers Alliance
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The cherished, art-focused pop-up shop House of Voltaire brought its expanding assortment of home goods, clothing, prints and unique artworks to the sandy shores of Miami this week. Appearing at the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Miami Beach, the entity’s international foray is just the first of more overseas presences to come.

As the fund-raising initiative from the London-based arts organisation Studio Voltaire, House of Voltaire has partnered up with Farfetch to make its inspiring collection of specially commissioned objects and products available (with worldwide shipping) online. A concurrent partnership with QIC Global Real Estate will bring its shop to new territories, too. Up until now, the store has been appearing only in London and biennially. In addition to appearing in Miami, the pop-up will pitch up in Melbourne, Australia in July 2016 before returning to London at the end of 2017.

‘We really wanted to just bring House of Voltaire and the wider program of the editions that we do to a new market,’ says House of Voltaire's director, Joe Scotland. ‘House of Voltaire is such a special project. There’s something nice and quite intimate about it. We really wanted to keep the scale of it and replicate that in other places. Its run by all Studio Voltaire staff, so its the same staff that works on exhibition programming.’

House of Voltaire’s Miami debut has not disappointed. In addition to a hosting a beautiful dinner designed by Roksanda Ilincic and Ella Kruglyanskaya, the pop-up has brought along a new collection of exclusive limited edition products, including cheeky tea towels by Peter Saville, graphic lambswool blankets by artists Kruglyanskaya, Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Sanya Kantarovsky, colourful ceramics by Ilincic and a print by Celia Hempton of (some of) the porn actor Colby Keller. There is also an array of the shop’s most popular projects from past years as well.

With all proceeds from the shop benefiting Studio Voltaire’s exhibition and education initiatives – which include staging show for emerging artists in the UK for the first time and providing subsidised studio and work spaces – there’s never been a better reason to get shopping.

‘We’re going global,’ Scotland says. ‘With QIC, who is our principal partner, we’re able to be in Miami and then Australia next year with our physical stores. Along with the online partnership with Farfetch, it just opens us up to a much wider audience.’

Brightly painted brushes of different shapes and sizes

Displaying and selling objects as diverse as clothing, accessories, tea towels, prints and unique artworks, the London-based arts organisation used Miami as a platform to help fundraise their home projects, with shipping available worldwide

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White blanket with faces outlined in black and blanket with green, orange and purple diamond shapes pattern

Pictured left: limited edition blanket, by Ella Kruglyanskaya. Right: limited edition blanket, by Marc Camille Chaimowicz

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White tea towels with black print words form the Handjob Variations collection

Pictured: Handjob Variations (limited edition tea towels), by Peter Saville, 2015

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Pastel coloured print tea towels and a pink card with gold detail

Pictured left: limited edition tea towel, by Markus Vater. Right: Interaction (detail), by Matt Connors, 2015

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Colby, by Celia Hempton, 2015

Pictured: Colby, by Celia Hempton, 2015

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Grace, by Nicole Eisenman, 2015 (woodcut print). Right: Vase with Serpents, by Pablo Bronstein, 2015 (copperplate etching)

Pictured left: Grace, by Nicole Eisenman, 2015 (woodcut print). Right: Vase with Serpents, by Pablo Bronstein, 2015 (copperplate etching)

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For more information, visit House of Voltaire’s website or QIC Global Real Estate website

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