With regional and local holiday travel continuing to rate highly with people around the world, Airbnb and Muji have shrewdly joined forces to allow hosts (and potential hosts) to kit out their homes with a thoughtful collection of useful essentials. Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji is a 23-piece, first-of-its kind kit, geared to enable hosts to refresh their living spaces with the design-forward staples needed to make every holiday home stay a memorable one. The discreet set is imagined to fit any type of holiday home, from beach huts and remote cabins to extraordinary escapes and urban apartments

Holiday home kit by Muji

A white wooden closet with a broom and dustpan, lint roller and spray bottles, part of the Muji and Airbnb holiday home essentials kit

Based on a traveller survey conducted by DKC Analytics that revealed the top items and rooms that contribute an exceptional stay, the assembled kit of essentials spans waffle towels, hangers, coffee mugs, porcelain serving ware, cleaning products such as a broom, dustpan and lint roller, and an assortment of classic Muji stationery for good measure. According to the research, travellers’ top five must-have holiday items included high-quality towels, glassware, coffee mugs and table settings. Other personal touches that help to make a place feel like home, such as having toothbrush holders and hangers, also help to elevate a normal stay to an exceptional one. 

A bathroom sink with black faucets, on top of it are two bamboo toothbrushes and a white pot with a plant on the right, and two white folded towels and a white soap dispenser on the left

‘Our philosophy emphasises a practicality and dedication to quality that enables a simple, good life, and we were immediately struck by the synergy with Airbnb in its values of hosting,’ says Taku Hareyama, Muji’s president of the United States and Canada. ‘Airbnb’s commitment to good hospitality and mission of providing authentic and positive experiences for its guests and hosts in the spaces that they live and stay is so core to our work, we were delighted to create a kit of essentials that would embody this philosophy of a commitment to reliable, quality basics.’

Available to purchase for $400, the Airbnb Host Essentials collection neatly offers hosts everything they need to comfortably provide for two guests. Its also priced for hosts to potentially earn back the cost of the kit quickly. Whether you’re planning on hosting or travelling in the imminent future, the knowledge that Muji’s essentials can be on hand to enhance each experience should be a comfort to us all. §