You can rely on Milanese residents to champion their own during Salone, and when it comes to Diesel, there is little exception – the boys from Lombardy have their finger in every design pie. Their latest project, in collaboration with Foscarini, Moroso and Zucchi, is set to take Diesel’s Successful Living collection into a newly refined dimension.

Diesel lighting

See more of Diesel’s first ever Living collection, launched today
Taking up a brand new Salone slot at the Diesel Penthouse, 34 via Stendhal, in the heart of Zona Tortona – the extensive collection is set to reinvigorate Diesel’s already thriving brand which includes denim, accessories, fragrance and the recently added home textiles range. Contrasting angular sculptural pieces with paired down bulb cages and fabric-painted lampshades; Diesel and its two newest compatriots have established a solid take on luminous luxury for this years fair.