Diesel is a brand that thinks big. It doesn’t expect you to wear Diesel head to toe (that’s not the modern way), but it is convinced that the Diesel attitude – cheeky, subversive, irreverent, ironic, a little bit rock ’n’ roll – can extend beyond the wardrobe into the bedroom, bathroom and living room. Diesel has long understood that some people like to let their creativity run, if not rampant, then at least free and a little wild on the home front.
So Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and creative director Wilbert Das have spent five years developing a domestic range that reflects the Diesel spirit. It was time well spent. The new textiles collection, Successful Living from Diesel, brings the brand’s graphic wit, capacity with colour and playful prints to everything from towels to throws. And while the collection is designed to last, it has all the seasonal thrust and on-the-button energy of the fashion brand’s other ranges. It’s time to really take Diesel home with you.

Duvet cover set, from £214, by Successful Living from Diesel. ‘Caulfield’ table, £610, by Rodolfo Dordoni, for Minotti, from European Design Centre. ‘Mirror Ball’ pendant lamp, £179, by Tom Dixon, from The Conran Shop. ‘Studio Pebble’ side table, price on request, by Derya Akdurak, for Megaron. ‘Beijing’ mirror, £595, from Andrew Martin. ‘Quartz’ wallpaper in CW5410-08; ‘Quartz’ wallpaper in CW5410-18, both £37 per roll, from Osborne & Little. ‘Cubes’ stencil in DM24-L, £30, from The Stencil Library
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